Is Vegemite Vegan?

Is Vegemite Vegan?
The answer: YES

Vegemite is the yeast extract obtained from left over after brewing beer. It is combined with vegetable and spice additives to make a spread for sandwich, toast crumpets, and cracker biscuits. It can also be used as filling for pastries. It is rich in vitamins B specifically thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid and niacin.

There’s always something about food items with a history, I am not sure about you, but the connection I have with history makes me devour food with more deference. Vegemite has quite an interesting history behind its name and invention. At first, it was discovered in 1923, Melbourne Australia when yeast extracts import delayed due to war. Desperate moments call for desperate measures. Fred Walker with the support of Dr. Cypril P. Callister, a scientist felt that Australia deserved a homemade yeast spread and so it was that vegemite was invented, but first without a name. The name won after an interesting fair way and has stuck to date.


Vegemite is salty, and slightly bitter when taken on its own. However, when properly used, it is extremely delicious. It is quite popular in its home country more than any other place. However, its popularity has gained it entrance to most European countries where this tasty spread is fast becoming another household brand.  And it is common household name in Australia.

If you don’t know what it is, watch this video:


Vegemite is certainly a good spread for vegans, as it is not made from any animal products. It is an acquired flavor and may not taste as good the first time. Continual use improves the taste and soon it could become your best toast and sandwich spread.

Here are a few handy tips for using vegemite:

  • Try not to spread it thick on your toast. A thin smudge on your slice does leave a great taste.
  • A little blend of earth balance along with vegemite makes a great combination for your spread
  • Try using vegemite in place of Worcestershire sauce
  • A dash of vegemite on your brown gravy certainly makes a delicious difference


Have you tried Vegemite?


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