Is Bread Vegan?

Is Bread Vegan?
The answer: Mostly YES

The bread from your local bakery is most likely going to be vegan because all of its ingredients including the main one, wheat flour, are vegan. Other ingredients including sugar, salt, and yeast are vegan too. These are the basic ingredients used in the making of basic bread. However, some whole wheat bread brands are “enriched” with milk or eggs and are not vegan for this reason. Other softer breads tend to contain butter, whey, or honey so you will need to check the label for non-vegan elements in your choice bread.

In terms of ingredients, several variations or additions distinguish one type from another. For instance, you can have banana bread, carrot bread, coconut bread, or zucchini bread and this doesn’t really disqualify bread from being vegan unless these additions are non-vegan. It’s important to note that most of these additional ingredients are usually plant based. Some vegan-mindful brands like Thomas’, Trader Joe’s, and Arnold have a special product line for vegans and this is appreciable.

Very rarely will you find additional protein-based ingredients such as meat, chicken, fish, or prawns in bread unless it is prepared separately to be eaten together with bread as a meal or it’s simply not bread. However, we can never really rule out this possibility.


If you are the DIY type, fixing your own bread is quite simple. I came across this easy vegan bread recipe from Lisa Lorles:

You can tweak it to suit you, though, creativity is a well-appreciated art in pastry.


Which is your favorite vegan bread brand?

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