My name is Bogdan. People call me vegan when they find out about my approach to food and things of everyday use. I would call this approach an approach of harmonious coexistence with all the other living creatures on this planet. As harmonious as possible.

I have started the VeganMeter.com because things which are now obvious to me, are not such for many other people. For example, many people can't tell vegan from vegetarian, others don't understand what veganism is about and why vegans are vegans.

This website is for people who want to learn. Here I answer questions like "Is X vegan?" and post articles on various topics related to vegan lifestyle and beyond.

This website is not for those who want to prove that veganism is not the way. Go and use your energy elsewhere. I will not start any discussions on this matter here simply because they are pointless.

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All the best to YOU..