Is Baby Formula Vegan?

Is Baby Formula Vegan?
The answer: Mostly NO

While it is recommended that infants be fed breast milk up until weaning, some moms may have challenges doing this. Consider a mother of triplets or quadruplets, or a mother of one with hardly enough milk to satisfy her infant. There could be several other reasons why moms would go for formula, all in all, I would want to believe it is always in the best interest of their child.

Most baby formulas on the market today are derived from dairy milk, making it a bit tricky for vegan babies needing formula. However, there is a healthy option, fortified soy formula that’s 100% vegan and healthy too. A question some people would ask is, “what if my son/daughter is allergic to soy milk?” Then there is rice milk but you need to be careful, as most brands are restrictive to children of 5 years and above. There should be rice milk that’s fit for infants, though. Alternatively, nut or hemp based milk but these need to be fortified with vitamins.

Here is one of the most popular soy-based infant vegan formulas out there:

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There is one more option – elemental formulas. These will bite your wallet a bit and it would be good to point out that it is not clear whether they are vegan or not. Nevertheless, they are rated close to vegan because they contain amino acids. Therefore, if you are not an ardent vegan or you have completely run out of options, you may want to consider them. Some good examples are:

You may not need these if you have a cheaper option, though, as they are usually bought on order or on prescription. They are packed with amino acids and sufficient carbohydrates and should be quite filling for your infant.


Do you know any other vegan baby formula options?


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