Is Rice Vegan?

Is Rice Vegan?
The answer: YES

If there is a meal that is a global phenomenon, it has to be rice. Rice has been there since time in memorial, feeding just about anyone from any corner of the earth. It is good for children, for the elderly, and the aged. What’s more, it has myriad recipes you can’t possibly exhaust and so many brands to choose from.

Many grains have allergens that are unbearable to some people but not rice. Walk into any home and you are bound to land a packet or two of rice stored somewhere. It goes well with any stew and vegetable of your choice, is as healthy, and as energy giving as you can imagine. Not only that, white, long grain rice is packed with thiamin, calcium, iron, pantothenic acid, folate, and vitamin E making it more nutritious than maize, potatoes, or wheat.

People mostly go for white rice but that’s probably because they are unaware of the huge benefits brown rice has. After milling, white rice is stripped down to starch only compared to brown rice which is rich in fiber.

White rice has also been associated with diabetes. However, it does have an advantage over brown rice because it cooks in less time.

The preparation process is quite easy and there are even rice cookers for improved results and ease of preparation.

Have you heard about the wild rice? Here is a great wild rice soup recipe:


As long as you have the time and idea of preparing these recipes, you will never find it boring. So go ahead, try these out.


How do you love your rice prepared?


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