Is Pasta Vegan?

Is Pasta Vegan?
The answer: Mostly YES

Maaaany people love pasta. It is the quick fix you will reach out for when in a hurry, yet it comes as one of the most versatile meals the world is privileged to have. While there are many different ways of preparing pasta, you can never exhaust every one of them. Some are purely cultural while others are merely creative.

Looking at it from a vegan perspective, most plain packed pasta on the store shelves like rotini and spaghetti are usually vegan. Its processing involves three main ingredients:

  • Whole wheat flour (the highest quality pasta is made from durum wheat flour)
  • Salt
  • Water


Fresh pasta, on the other hand, usually mostly contains semolina and eggs in addition to the above ingredients and for this reason, they are not vegan. However, fresh pasta without eggs is usually available in some eat-outs and are quite yummy too.


Nutritional Value

Pasta is packed with carbohydrates which provide the body with the much-needed energy for normal functioning. The human body actually requires 65% of calories every day and that come from carbohydrates. Some enriched pastas are rich in essential nutrients such as iron and B Vitamins.

Whole wheat pasta is also considered quite healthful because it comes with nearly 25% of fiber in a single portion and this is just about the amount of fiber the body needs daily.


Guiding Tips

  • Always check the food label. Many times, it is the ‘egg’ ingredient you will be looking out for.
  • If you intend to eat out, confirm with the waiting staff that their pasta is vegan, before you can place your order.
  • Never go for egg noodles, they have never been vegan.
  • Pastas with too many ingredients on their label may not be 100% vegan thanks to the fillers and additives used in processing them.


If you aren’t going to indulge in some totally vegan brands like Barilla, Explore cuisine and Ronzoni, you may just as well opt to do it yourself.

Here are 3 simple recipes from Edgy Veg to start you off:


How would you have your pasta prepared?

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