Is Apple Pie Vegan?

Is Apple Pie Vegan?
The answer: Mostly YES

Quite interestingly, the Apple pie has its roots in Europe yet it managed to take on the entire US to become one of the country’s most celebrated desserts. National Apple Pie Day is celebrated twice every year in the United States: in May and December.


The simple apple pie is purely vegan. However, if you consider toppings like a scoop of ice cream, whipped cream, or cheddar cheese which featured a great deal in English apple pies, then you may just as well disqualify it from being vegan. All the same, be on the lookout for other non-vegan ingredients especially if you are not fixing your own homemade apple pie.


A simple vegan apple pie contains the following ingredients:

  • Coconut or palm oil
  • Apples
  • All purpose flour
  • Vegan granulated sugar
  • Soy milk
  • Salt


Usually, most frozen pies on the store shelves will have been baked using butter which is, of course, a no-no for the vegan.Be sure to check the ingredient list when shopping or ask a waiter when ordering your apple pie in the restaurant.


An excellent butter alternative in vegan apple pies is the virgin coconut oil. It is useful both for the filling and the dough. Away from the frozen pies you’ve been picking from the store shelves, you can actually fix your own delicious apple pie from the comfort of your home.

Check out this overly simple apple pie recipe for the vegan that I stumbled upon:

If you opt for the store-bought versions, a quick scan on the food label will help you identify a vegan apple pie. Always check the allergen statement on the food label, if you notice any indications of eggs or milk, ditch that pie immediately and look for others.


How do you like your Apple Pie?

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