Is Butter Vegan?

Is Butter Vegan?
The answer: NO

Butter is a dairy product and it is not vegan. Period.

Butter is cream extracted from cow’s or goat’s milk. The crème used to make butter is that part of the milk with the highest fat content. It is an all time central ingredient in baking so the vegan will definitely go for its alternative when it comes to baking.

Some really good alternatives to butter for the vegan include olive oil, canola oil and coconut oil that are equally good if not a better ingredient in pastries. Vegan butter and non-dairy margarine are also good considerations in place of butter and are quite readily available on your local store shelves.

Non-dairy margarine is made from a blend of vegetable oils. Nevertheless, you will need to be careful as some margarine brands will contain trace elements of dairy products like lactose and whey. Therefore keep checking labels if you have to be on the safe side.


The Vegan Butter

The vegan butter is not actually butter since it is not made from milk or any product from any animal. It is usually extracted from oil. Oil together with other ingredients is used to create a sort of faux butter.

If you are ready for it, here is a recipe from Chef Mama Rosa:


Other healthy natural alternatives to butter for the ardent vegan are:

  • Pumpkin puree: This does not only add a lovely flavor to your pastries but is also full of nutrients like fiber, potassium, and vitamin K.
  • Applesauce or fruit puree to add moisture and fiber in baked foods. Puree from pineapple, banana can be good in cakes, muffins, and bread.


In general, fruit ingredients are not only sweet, they also reduce need for additional artificial sugar making your cakes, cookies, biscuits, tarts and breads healthier.


Which vegan butter alternative do you use when baking?

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