Is Bisquick Vegan?

Is Bisquick Vegan?
The answer: YES

Bisquick is basically a premixed baking mix distributed by General Mills, its main ingredients include flour, baking powder, shortening, and salt. These are all vegan, so if you were wondering whether to go for it or not, by all means go for it.

There are too many quick-fix snacks you can make out of Bisquick and often, these are the culprits. For instance, if you wanted the simplest Bisquick pancakes, you will need mix in eggs and milk along with the baking mix which automatically crosses your pancakes over to the non-vegan side.

All the same, creative cooking ideas never really run out in our planet and the ardent vegan certainly has a world of options with this long standing brand. Alternatively, simply substitute the non-vegan ingredients with vegan ones.


The Substitutes

For instance, in place of dairy milk, you can opt to use soy, rice or coconut milk. As for the eggs, Tofu, unsweetened applesauce or flaxseeds make great replacements. Here is more on substitutes for eggs.

Bisquick in itself is a purely vegan brand however, several versions are out there and you may want to make a habit of checking the food labels lest you land a non-vegan version accidentally. These may contain milk or egg derivatives so keep looking.

Just for your vegan info, Bisquick also has a gluten-free baking mix which uses rice flour and not the regular wheat flour. Now you know that you have your options with Bisquick whenever you feel like having it different.


Bottom-line: Bisquick anytime!


Apart from being in favor of the vegan, it is also one of those convenient, simple quick fixes that should not miss in your pantry.

Because Bisquick has too much to offer, here are 5 different vegan snacks you can fix out of it right at the comfort of your home.

Need I say more?

  1. Dairy-Free Vegan Bisquick Biscuits
  2. Vegan Gluten free Bisquick pancakes
  3. Ginormous Gingerbread Waffle
  4. Bisquick Chocolate Chip Cookies
  5. SnarkyVegan’s Insanely EZ & Quick Chik’n & Dumplings


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