Are Oysters Vegan?

Are Oysters Vegan?
The answer: NO

Let’s get things into perspective about oysters and the vegan.


Plants or animals?

Even with the never-ending debate about whether oysters are vegans, veganism, still stands its ground that by virtue of them being animals, oysters are not vegan.

Oysters are classified as bivalves under the shellfish category. These animals lack a central nervous system and a brain and so are said to lack the ability to sense pain and process it as pain in their minds.

However, from a different perspective, these animals could be feeling the pain, only not as we anticipate. Therefore, in all human consciousness, we are not justified to rule out that no harm befalls them when they are processed and dropped into that pot of soup to cook. If at all they feel anything, this is really their business, don’t you think? Why not just let them exist in the most natural way they are supposed to.

This video explains everything:


These animals may not have visible legs, faces or other limbs and so may look less like animals. Truth is it is quite evident that they will exhibit some sort of self-defense behavior in the presence of adversaries. Oysters will actually snap their shells shut when they sense trouble. This alone shows that they could actually be sessile.


How about factory farmed oysters?

Truth is, whether factory farmed or naturally existing, oysters are just that. Factory farming is not justification enough to have humans consume them by the masses.


Our verdict

Oysters are animals and therefore not vegan, period. The vegan intent is to protect animals whether they are half or completely 100% animals, they deserve to live their lives without any form of interference whatsoever.


The Alternative

Mushrooms seem to be a great alternative to oysters. They are rich in Vitamin D, Selenium, and B Vitamins including B2-Riboflavin, and B3-Niacin.

How about trying out this Three Mushroom Tagliatelle With Garlic Sauce vegan recipe.

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