Is Quorn Vegan?

Is Quorn Vegan?
The answer: YES and NO

You may have turned to Quorn products as a healthy version of meal that is actually free from meat. However, Quorn products only meet the vegetarian and not vegan standards, since they are made of mycoprotein, a derivative of the fungi family like morel. The Mycoprotein is developed naturally through fermentation similar to alcohol.

The known advantage of Quorn products is that they don’t have a strong taste, and actually yield the taste and texture of meat yet they are not real meat. While Quorn may have been approved as a healthy option, because of its low-fat content, high protein, and fiber, most Quorn products are not vegan since the dried fungus culture is mixed with egg albumen, that helps in binding it together.


Nevertheless, Quorn Company has responded to the increasing demand for vegan Quorn by introducing vegan formulations of Quorn that are mainly made of potato protein as a replacement of the egg white.

Some samples of vegan Quorn products are:

You can actually create a tasty vegan meal from these Quorn ingredients or purchase the meat alternative.


And if you are an experimenter and DIYer, this is a challenge for you:


On the other hand, there is totally no need to look for “meat alternatives”. Why should you? There is plenty of amazing foods to consume out there!


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