Is Calcium Chloride Vegan?

Is Calcium Chloride Vegan?
The answer: YES

Calcium chloride commonly used in the production of tofu and canned vegetable is a natural mineral mined from limestone quarries and yes it is fit for the vegan diet.
However, some vegans have had concerns about the fact that limestone may not be vegan since it is made from decomposed animals and plants. I find it funny.
Calcium chloride is considered a vital source of mineral balance in beverages. It is also one of the best ingredients for firming and coagulating food.
For people who adopt the strict vegan lifestyle, avoiding calcium chloride otherwise known as salt can be likened to avoiding to use petroleum in cars. It is that necessary to the human body. It is argued that everything is part of everything in the ecosystem and hence vegans should be most concerned with avoiding foods that involve deliberate harming or cruelty to animals. A word of caution though, even the most nutritious meals can be harmful if not taken appropriately, therefore, salt should also be taken the right way in the right quantity.
You will find calcium chloride as an ingredient in many foods on the store shelves. These include canned food, vegetables, soft drinks, canned beans. Calcium chloride is also commonly used for industrial purposes such as deicing roads during the snowing season and also in the drilling of oil and gas.

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