Are Pop Tarts Vegan?

Are Pop Tarts Vegan?
The answer: YES and NO

You will find Pop Tarts in most supermarkets. They now come in a variety of flavors, the majority of which are covered by sprinkles, frosting, glazes, and syrup.


Some of the decorated Pop Tarts are surprisingly vegan. Just some.


The easiest way to distinguish a vegan Pop Tart from a non-vegan one is by checking if they are frosted or not. The original Pop Tarts that are unfrosted and are vegan because they are free of gelatin and any dairy products. One the other hand, all the frosted Pop Tarts have gelatin and other animal products like confectioner’s glaze. In addition, you may have come across some Pop Tarts, the ones that look like muffins. These Pop Tarts also contain Whey, a dairy product.
The vegan Pop Tarts include:

  • Unfrosted Blueberry
  • Unfrosted Blueberry
  • Unfrosted Strawberry
  • Unfrosted Brown Sugar

Considering that this list is not exhaustive, you may want to check the ingredient of each Pop Tart to rule out that is not vegan.


And if you are a DIYer, here is a good one from Minimalist Baker: VEGAN BERRY POP TARTS.


Are you into Pop Tarts?

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