Are Starburst Vegan?

Is Starburst Vegan?
The answer: YES and NO

Starbursts are sweet cuboid-shaped and fruit seasoned candies produced by Wrigley Company. On the question of it being vegan, it depends on your location. While Starbursts made in the UK are vegan and come in different fruit flavors, the US vegans are not so lucky since Starbursts made and distributed within the country contain gelatine.


Although the UK company has made a great strides to offer a completely gelatine free Starburst, one should be careful even in the UK market since many shops import their Starbursts from the US. You should therefore always check and steer clear of Starburst with elements of gelatin, Red 40 and Yellow 5, in its ingredients.


Similarly, vegans in the US can order vegan Starbursts online from stores like Amazon (check prices on Amazon). In addition to the original Starburst tastes like orange, lemon, lime, and strawberry, you can find several other assortments that include Strawberry Mix, Retro Fruits, Berries & Crème, Tropical, Baja California, Sour, Very Berry and Fruity Slushies.


The main ingredients used in making all the Starburst candies include syrup, sugar, palm fat, citric and malic acid, glucose and various fruit flavors.


As noted earlier, all the Starbursts made in the UK are vegan as they do not contain artificial coloring or gelatine their list of ingredients.


Are you into Starbursts or you prefer chewing on dried fruit?

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