Is Bisto Vegan?

Is Bisto Vegan?
The answer: Mostly YES

Bisto is a very popular product that does not need any introduction considering how widely it is used to prepare delicious gravy. Bisto’s attractiveness is brought by the smooth texture that makes it easy to mix and come up with perfect gravy for just any kind of meal. The original Bisto is vegan and can be used for making gravy for potatoes, curries and other foods like stir fries.


One of the ingredients that have caused concerns in the vegan community about the suitability of this product is an E number ingredient known as E365 or Sodium fumarate. This product mostly comes from granulates which are added to gravies to brown, season, and thickens hence the name Bisto. However, you don’t have to panic since Bisto has been confirmed as vegan by the company. The company indicated that the E635 listed among its ingredients is a version derived from plants.


You can, therefore, enjoy any of the powder and granules varieties because they don’t have animal products in their ingredients. Unless you are using the original variety that contains mainly starches, vegetable protein, salt, and caramel, you need to be careful with new varieties like Bisto Best, which may include non-vegan flavors like chicken, roasted meat juices.


What’s your favorite Bisto flavor?

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