Are Potato Chips Vegan?

Home-made potato chips
The answer: MOSTLY YES

There are tons of vegan snacks on the market and potato chips are probably one of the most popular. Whether munching a couple of packs of potato chips while watching movies or just eating them anytime you feel like it, potato chips can be both eaten plain or dipped with mustard, ketchup or other kind of dip. But only pick organic ketchup as other ketchup very often contains animal derivatives. Also, French mustard is absolutely vegan. Just be careful and watch what you dip in them.

Maybe you’ll say that they are vegan because, as its name suggests, potato chips are made from potatoes. That sounds logical enough. While most potato chips are vegan, there are still some which are not, especially those flavored potato chips. Cheese-flavoured potato chips, for example, are definitely not vegan as they usually contain cheese which is derived from an animal product.

If you are a vegan and you love potato chips, it is always best to opt for plain potato chips wherein the ingredients are only potatoes, vegetable oil and salt. Most potato chips are cooked using vegetable oil so there’s not much worries about that. Still, always read the ingredients section of the pack just to make sure.

And, of course, you can always make your own home-made potato chips. Here is an example of how to make your own sweet potato chips in no time:


Have you ever tried making your own potato chips?

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