Is Red Bull Vegan?

Red Bull
The answer: YES

The short answer is YES, it is vegan. There are many companies which produce energy drinks which are circulating the market nowadays. Most of them have upgraded and adapted to changes in our society. They do not only take into consideration certain group of people as their consumers, but they make detailed market research to make sure they expand their product’s target market. Vegans, for example, will not buy an energy drink which has ingredients derived from animals. So, manufacturers make ways for them to be able to enjoy energy drinks without consuming anything which will be against their rules.

A lot of energy drinks are vegan and Red Bull is just one of them. According to the manufacturer, it only consists of gluten free, wheat free, lactose and dairy free ingredients which is good news for vegans. However, there were discussions about it containing taurine which is known to be made from animal derivatives such as animal tissues. That being said, it would definitely be not a good energy drink for vegans. But, if you read further from different sources, you will find out that the taurine used in Red Bull is synthetically produced, thus making the drink vegan.

Even though Red Bull is vegan, I do not encourage consuming it. There is a reason for making energy drinks inaccessible for underage people in many countries. There are natural and healthy sources of energy out there. Check out this named “8 Energy Boosting Foods to Keep You Alert” to learn what alternatives to factory-made energy drinks there are out there.

Watch this video to understand what happens to our body after drinking Red Bull:

And here is n infographic explaining the processes happening in our body after consuming Red Bull:

Red Bull Infographic

Make a reasonable choice and stay full of healthy energy!

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