Is Yeast Vegan?

Is Yeast Vegan?
The answer: YES

Well, here is something to take you back in time to your biology class. Woe to you if you never liked biology because here, it is important that you understand.

Yeast is a fungus classified biologically as a eukaryotic organism. Now, fungi are neither plants nor animals. Although they regenerate, they are not sentient. This means that they don’t have a central nervous system like other animals and so they are rid of feelings, experiences, or choices of their own. In the vegan perspective, this means that they do not have any capacity to suffer or experience pain.

So, yes! Go ahead and indulge in your favorite melted yeast popcorn snack, garlic bread with yeast, yeast pasta sauce, or even vegan beer made of yeast, with a clear conscience.


Did you know that there are actually more than 1000 varieties of yeast? Not all of them, of course, are eatable. Besides the baker’s yeast and beer yeast, there is nutritional yeast which we’ll talk about a bit more.


What is nutritional yeast?

While brewer’s yeast has this characteristic unpleasant bitter taste, nutritional yeast comes in powder or flaked form and is used by vegans as a great alternative to parmesan cheese. It makes great cheesy addition or toppings to your meals and snacks.

It is a rich source of niacin, selenium, thiamine, and folic acid and has often been used in supplements like Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula (check it out on Amazon).

Here is a great short video explaining what nutritional yeats is:


Yeast is a Great Vitamin B12 Source

Apart from its yummy cheesy taste, yeast makes up for the vitamin B12 nutrients that vegans will not benefit from by not having meat, eggs, and dairy.

Nutritional yeast is an ideal choice for your meals if you are considering health and flavor.

Why not try making your own vegan cheese using nutritional yeast?


Do you know any mind blowing recipes with nutritional yeast?

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