Is Sushi Vegan?

Is Sushi Vegan?
The answer: YES and NO

Ask anyone about sushi and they will tell you it’s a Japanese food containing fish. The perception that sushi and all Japanese foods include fish has been there for ages. That may be true but only partially. While most sushi dishes are fishy (pun intended), vegan options are also available. FYI, the real meaning of sushi is vinegared rice (sushi-meshi) and not raw fish as many have imagined.

As earlier mentioned, vegans can also enjoy sushi by just switching to vegetable toppings. Anytime you walk into a Japanese restaurant, be sure to ask about the ingredients in the sushi or better yet, have them prepare it the vegan way. For instance, you can have the Kappa Maki which is sushi rolled in cucumber or the Oshinko Maki otherwise known as the pickle roll which you can couple with vegetables such as carrots.

The Avocado Maki is also a great option. Avocados are used in place of tuna fish, and this goes well with any vegetable of your choice.

Because sushi is one of those meals that lets out the creativity in you, I find it more fun preparing it at home to try out different ingredients.

Here’s an interesting yet simple vegan sushi that you can prepare at home:

I also enjoy to prepare myself raw sushi at home. Here is a great recipe:


Have you tried preparing your own vegan sushi?

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