Is Liquid Smoke Vegan?

Is Liquid Smoke Vegan?
The answer: Mostly YES

There are many ways of achieving that smokey flavor in non-grilled meals. Liquid smoke is one natural way that has been used successfully in bringing in the much-desired barbecue flavor in meals. If you are passionate about barbecue, then no doubt even your veggies and non-meat meals can still achieve this flavor. Liquid smoke is an excellent for seasoning gravies, salads, baked beans, and soups by providing an excellent aroma and flavor.

For the vegan. however, it matters whether liquid smoke is vegan, obviously. The good news is, liquid smoke is vegan since it does not contain any animal derivative. On the other hand, it is also good for health since it contains no additives or preservatives. Essentially, liquid smoke contains just smoke flavor and water, however, some brands have gone a step ahead to add flavor, seasoning, vinegar, molasses, and other additives and it is these that the vegan needs to be overly keen on.

This old video shows the whole process of producing the liquid smoke:


And here is one on how to make your own home-made liquid smoke:



Marge Broncaccio Company makes its liquid smoke through a delicate process of collecting smoke from burning wood and then condensing it to form the watery state. No additional ingredients are added in the process that involves filtering twice the captured droplets. Another manufacturer – Colgin, on the other hand, adds mellow to the flavor by adding molasses, vinegar, and caramel color.

Further on, Lazy Kettle Liquid Smoke is made by burning Hickory and mesquite at a low temperature, the smoke is captured and directed to a funnel in which water is passed through the smoke to pick its flavor. Without additional ingredients, the water is filtered to remove any form of sediments.

These are just three of trusted vegan liquid smoke brands.

Want to try out a vegan recipe with liquid smoke as an ingredient? This ‘smoky’ veggie dog recipe will certainly ignite your taste buds.

Are your taste buds OK with the smokey taste?

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