Is Fruit Cake Vegan?

Is Fruit Cake Vegan?
The answer: YES and NO

Fruit cakes are commonly prepared during festive seasons and for weddings. The fact that it is called fruitcake can make you think it is vegan and rightfully so. Fruitcakes are called so because they contain lots of different types of dried fruits. However, among the ingredients used for fruitcake, some are not vegan and this disqualifies them from being vegan. Eggs, butter, and milk are common non-vegan ingredients used to bake fruit cakes.


Non-Vegan Ingredient Alternatives

However, there is always an equal if not better substitute for milk, butter, and eggs. Bananas and applesauce make excellent replacements for eggs, while soy milk will make a great option for dairy milk because they are more or less the same in terms of thickness. Plant-based oil is a good replacement for butter.

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If you are not fond of baking, you can buy ready-baked fruit cake in the supermarkets. As a vegan, finding one that does not include the prior mentioned ingredients is almost impossible unless you order a specially baked vegan fruitcake. Baking might just be an inevitable option for those who would rather not got through this hassle. You can try out this delicious vegan eggless Christmas fruit cake by Anya:


Employ Creativity

The good thing about fruitcakes is that you can use any fruits of your choice and still end up with a scrumptious cake. For instance, dried pineapples, dried apricots, dates, cherries, cranberries, and orange juice make excellent additions for healthy vegan fruitcake. If you are not planning to have your cake immediately, brush it with a mix of agave and soy milk before storing. This maintains its moist texture for long.


Do you love fruitcakes? How do you like them?


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