Is Baileys Vegan?

Is Baileys Vegan?
The answer: Mostly NO

The original recipe of Bailey uses dairy cream in producing the classic Irish Cream liquor, hence it is not vegan. Baileys is a popular whiskey and cream-based liqueur that has increased in popularity penetrating 160 of the world’s countries and with a remarkable reception. The company sells about 82 million bottles annually using about 220 million liters of milk during processing.
Although a vegan version of Baileys was recently introduced, It would be noteworthy to mention here that the company’s earlier attempt to come up with a dairy-free Baileys Almande backfired and the latest is really not their first attempt to produce something for the vegans. All the same, their effort calls for an appreciation.
Baileys Almande replaces dairy cream with sweet almond oil and this initially received positive reviews from the vegan community . Unfortunately, although the Baileys Almande was made dairy-free, the Irish Cream liqueur is still not vegan because it contains beeswax in its formulation. As a vegan, you will also not benefit from the convenience of vegan Baileys almond even after it reduced the content of alcohol from 17% classic Irish Bailey drinks 13% alcohol content in Bailey Almande.
The company has, however, recently introduced an Almande Almond milk liqueur with a certified vegan label that contains no trace of animal derivatives in its ingredients list.
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