Are Tortillas Vegan?

Are Tortillas Vegan?
The answer: YES

This Mexican flat bread is not only yummy but also pretty easy to prepare at home. It resembles unleavened bread a great deal and was once upon a time a valued staple among the Sephardi Jews, before it became a popular on-the-go snack in Mexico and Central America.


Simple Tortilla Preparation

All you need is:

  • A cup wholegrain wheat or corn flour
  • 2 tablespoon olive oil
  • ¼ cup lukewarm water


The preparation process

  • For starters, if you want it soft and less chewy, sieve the flour.
  • In a bowl, mix the flour, water, and olive oil slowly using a spoon or fork, whichever you prefer, for a minute or so. Ensure that the dough is soft enough and if not, just add a little more water and mix once more.
  • Now take your dough and separate into four small balls Sprinkle some flour on the rolling surface and flatten it out into a thin circle. Don’t worry if they aren’t as round as needed; you’ll get it with a few more trials.
  • Once done, heat your pan well. Tortillas don’t require any oil to cook, and they don’t take much time on the heat.
  • About 30 seconds on each side is enough or until it browns.
    You can fill these up with some chopped lettuce, refried beans, some rice, and guacamole or better still, get creative with your choice fillings.

Alternatively, tortillas are available commercially in food stores, however, you will still have to take your time to scrutinize their labels as not all of them actually might be vegan. You know the food industry – often they make a product from dozens ingredients even though it requires three or four..

Some good vegan brands you can try out are Mission Corn Tortillas and Tumaro’s Gourmet Tortillas. The are plenty of vegan tortillas on Amazon.


OK, you will not just stare at plain tortillas. You need the filling. And when it comes to tortilla fillings, the gates to infinity open up. Why not try this veggie tortilla wraps  easy-to-prepare recipe?


What fillings do you prefer for you tortillas?

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