Are Noodles Vegan?

Are Noodles Vegan?
The answer: Mostly YES

Yes to all the noodles made from semolina, whole wheat, or other whole grain noodles. However, this does not rule out the fact that there are some non-vegan noodles out in the market. Therefore, you will definitely keep reading through ingredients to pick out even the slightest of non-vegan elements. With veganism, keenness is a lifestyle, not character because passion is the force that steers the wheel.

The ingredient you will need to watch out for in most non-vegan noodles are eggs. Others, although not so many, will have milk extracts like whey powder or elements like butter.


Eating out

Speaking of noodles, many restaurants have delicious noodle recipes that will keep your mouth watering. Well, here’s the greatest chance of having it non-vegan. While eating out is a good option, most dishes served don’t come with an ingredients label so somehow you may never really know what’s behind the great deli , unless you’re lucky enough to hop into a vegan restaurant and these are not as widespread yet.

The other viable options are to probe the waiters for ingredients have your meals specially prepared although choosing these route sometimes will cost you more time and/or cash. You know how it goes with the specials anywhere..

Check the sauces that go with noodles too. Many times, they are the culprit and not the noodles. Need I say more?


Cooking on your own?

So why not settle down and get creatively vegan with some easy, nutritious, and absolutely tasty ingredients in the numerous recipes you’ll find on the net. Here is one vegan noodle stir fry recipe that you can try at home:


Have you tried any vegan noodle recipe lately?

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