Are LifeSavers Vegan?

Are LifeSavers Vegan?
The answer: YES and NO

These century old candies are recognizable nearly by everyone. However, like it is with most other candies, you need to limit your intake to avoid taking in too much sugar as this can be unhealthy to your system. The healthy alternatives to candies can be fresh or dried fruits. If you feel they are too far off, try chilling or freezing fresh grapes, for example, to make them more enjoyable. You’ll find that they are a lot better at appetizing and calming down your craves whenever your taste buds feel like some candies.


Wrigley, the parent company that produces LifeSavers has come up with a wide variety of candies to suit different tastes and preferences. Wrigley’s customers, therefore, have a choice of opting for the classic candy flavors which include Spearmint and Butter Rum or the other wide assortment of artificial fruits flavors.

In case you wonder how LifeSavers are made, here is a short video:


It is, however, vital to know that some of these flavors are vegan while others are not. Most of the popular flavors like Creme Savers contain dairy while the mints contain stearic acid derived from animals and are certainly not vegan. You can opt for the Life Saver Hardy candies or the sugar-free Savers if you are looking for vegan Life Savers.


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