Are Corn Flakes Vegan?

Are Corn Flakes Vegan?
The answer: YES and NO

In 1898, corn flakes saw its introduction into the market thanks to the Kellogg brothers and since then, it’s become a popular breakfast option in homes the world over. In fact, corn flakes are the first ever cereals to be invented before other brands were introduced to the market.

These two brothers were members of the Seventh-day Adventist church which strongly advocates for holiness through clean eating and shunning anything unclean. That also included sex. In their efforts of doing so, they came up with corn flakes which they believed to be a healthier food option and one that is good at reducing sex drive.

This is how corn flakes are made in the factory:


A cloud surrounds corn flakes as far as veganism is concerned. This first ever Corn flakes breakfast cereals may have been vegan-friendly but the same cannot be said of those found on the store shelves today. Most of Kellogg’s products including corn flakes are fortified with vitamin D3 derived from eggs, fish, and sheeps’ wool. This does disqualify it from being vegan, however, other corn flakes brands without vitamin D3 are certainly vegan. Yet we cannot really point a finger at Kellog for producing non-vegan cereals. It’s like blaming them for pioneering.

For vegan lovers of Kellog’s breakfast cereals, why not give Fruit ‘n’ Fibre (you can buy it on Amazon) a go? It certainly deserves thumbs up for standing out of the crowd.

Other vegan cereal options exist in the market like:

Try them with rice or soy milk and you’re in for a sumptuous vegan breakfast. If you adore fruits, throw in some strawberries or choice pieces of your favorite fruit and you have it all balanced.


What’s your favorite vegan breakfast cereal?

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