Are Clif Bars Vegan?

Are Clif Bars Vegan?
The answer: Mostly YES

On-the-go vegans can smile at the fact that Clif Bars, apart from very few versions, are totally vegan packed with enough energy to keep you going about your duties. This makes them the most popular energy bars within the vegan community.

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If you are a fan of chocolate, the macadamia or white chocolate Clif Bar will certainly set you in motion. Otherwise, you can always go for the not-too-sweet Berry Pomegranate Chia, Black Cherry Almond, or the Maple Nut.

It is quite interesting that many of the Clif Bars flavors are vegan considering most processed snacks almost never rank as vegan. This means that they do not include any animal derivative and from a nutrition point of view, these yummy bars also happen to be quite healthy given that most are consist of organic ingredients. A single Clif Bar will provide your body with lots of calories and nutrients in addition to tons of proteins.

However, some Clif Bars include warning statements on their labels such as “may contain milk or dairy” to mean that they may have come into contact with animal products during their processing. This leaves you to decide whether or not you will still opt to have them.

Apart from this, always check out all labels during your purchase because some Clif Bars have elements of dairy products. Some of the original flavors that are not vegan include Mini Blueberry Crisp and Mini Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch.


What is your favorite snack bar?

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