Are Baked Beans Vegan?

Are Baked Beans Vegan?
The answer: Mostly YES

Baked beans make an excellent vegan side dish. On the other hand, they can also suffice for a main dish. Therefore, if you never thought vegan meals are as filling as meat or other animal protein dishes, here’s one for you. Plus, beans are rich in fiber which is vital for your digestive diet.

There is a myriad of baked beans varieties in the stores to choose from including the all-time popular Heinz baked beans, Mexican Mean Beanz, HP beans, and even Sainsbury’s organic baked beans.

However, a vegan never takes the presumption route simply because beans are beans and there’s nothing animal about them. As baked beans come in different sauces, it’s these sauces that we keep checking for non-vegan elements. While some like Heinz will produce baked beans in 100% vegan sauce, other brands will contain small quantities of cheese powder, lard, or ham which are a no-no for vegans.


Rule of Thumb

Always keep an eye on the food labels for even the slightest elements of non-vegan ingredients on the label.

Otherwise, all hail baked beans!


How about fixing it yourself?

If you love that savory-sweet flavor on your breakfast or lunch diet, you can try the following simple baked beans recipe along with sweet potatoes or baked potatoes for a fiber filled, energy packed breakfast.


How have you tweaked your vegan homemade recipe?

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