Are Airheads Vegan?

Are Airheads Vegan?
The answer: YES and NO

Airheads, an all time favorite for kids and grown-ups too, are flavored chewy candies manufactured by Perfetti Van Melle since 1985. They have since grown to include 12 lovable flavors.

This is how Airheads are made:


For lovers of candy, Airheads indeed have gluten free and purely vegan flavors. As a matter of fact, all the six varieties of Airhead taffy bars are vegan with the exception of Airhead Bites made using animal-derived ingredients like beeswax, gelatin, and shellac.


The ingredients in vegan Airheads include sugar, corn syrup, modified food starch, and hydrogenated soybean oil. You will also find other elements like citric acid and artificial colors like Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 5.


Some of the ingredients to watch out for when selecting non-vegan candy is Carmine and the red coloring manufactured from crushed insects. It will also be good to make sure that your selection is gluten free.


The six vegan Airheads flavors to look out for include:

  • Airheads Original
  • Airheads Mini Bars
  • Airheads Big Bars
  • Airheads Bites
  • Airheads Xtremes


While it is vital for vegans to maintain the vegan lifestyle, it is important to appreciate that being vegan is more about reducing animal cruelty and sufferings rather than merely avoiding some foods. On the other hand, too much candy means an extreme sugar intake which may not be healthy for you. Therefore, you may want to limit how much candy you take.


Are you into Airheads candies?

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